Respect 4 Life

A five-module workshop series designed to engage minority youth, parents, and law enforcement professionals in a collaborative dialogue, promoting understanding, healing, and safety. The program also teaches students to cultivate a healthy respect for authority figures at home and school.


The 100 provides a curriculum structured around the following modules:

  • Module 1: The Journey to Self-Discovery (developing a better understanding of oneself)
  • Module 2: Everything Begins at Home (understanding values and positive communication)
  • Module 3: Education: The Way Up and the Way OUT (creating better outcomes at school)
  • Module 4: Law Enforcement and You: The Possibility of Positive Encounters (how to comport oneself during encounters with law enforcement professionals)
  • Module 5: The Criminal Justice System: Understanding Your Rights

Application Process

Application Period: Registration for the Respect 4 Life program is open throughout the calendar

For more information or to register for Respect 4 Life, please visit or email

Students and Parents Two Cents

I hope this film and curriculum is widely distributed because I believe there are a lot of people who can benefit from it.

Judge Tarvald Smith

19th Judicial District

I think this video paints in a very vivid way how these moments of truth when young people make decisions are so critical and important.

Ross C.aDr. Jim Henderson

StudentaPresident, University of Louisiana Systems

The film taught me to never let your beliefs and values be compromised due to peer pressure.

Donnie Middleton


When you spend time with young people and you teach them, you listen to them, you’re honest with them and you show them love, you can help change the direction of their lives.

Michael Adams

Esq., President, 100 Black Men of Metro Baton Rouge